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The UK Parliament published a report entitled ‘Food Poverty: Households, food banks and free school meals’ in September 2022. This showed a sharp increase in the number of people having to access food banks for themselves and their families. Between 2020 and 2021, 4.2 million people (6%) were in food poverty, including 9% of children.

A YouGov survey by the Food Foundation found that in April 2022, 15.5% of all UK households were food insecure (ate less or went a day without eating because they couldn’t access or afford food). This is a stark indicator that we have people going hungry regularly in our own communities – and we want to help.


We are dedicated to feeding those in need, by providing hampers of donated food, and household items. One small act of generosity from an individual can bring hope to these families.


For £10, you can help to feed a family of four, in your local community. No-one should be going hungry on a regular basis or be worrying about how they will feed their children.

Please donate by clicking on the Donate Now button below which will take you to our charity Just Giving page.

Every penny you donate goes towards helping families in need because everyone who volunteers for Diwali Basket Brigade, on the day and behind the scenes, does so voluntarily.


Alternatively, if you would like to donate directly into our charity bank account, please send an email to and we will share our charity bank account details with you. We can also provide a UK gift aid receipt if required.

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